If you were wondering ...


My candle has small 'snowflakes' on the surface. What do I do?
Frosting occurs in soy candles, and is especially prevalent when there are temperature fluctuations (common during shipping). Frosting is cosmetic and won’t impact how well the candle performs.
My candle surface looks bumpy after my first burn - what have I done wrong?
This bumpy surface is not a maker or user issue. Instead, this is a natural occurrence of soy wax that is free of additives. Soy wax that hardens completely smooth may be a sign of additives in your wax. This is cosmetic and won’t impact how well the candle performs.

Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we are only shipping within the USA and Canada. We hope to expand internationally soon. Please sign up for our emails for updates regarding our shipping zones.

Where can I buy your products/smell your scents in person?
We are available at a number of retailers in Winnipeg Manitonba including Flowers R Us and the Manitoba Museum! However, you can purchase our tealight sampler kit for $12.00 + tax.

Do you offer samples?
Yes, we do offer scent samples. Please purchase the tealight sampler set.

I need my candles tomorrow. Can you overnight them?
Locally, we are able to offer pick-up the following business day of your order confirmation. Please contact to inquire about this service at sales@leilanicandle.com

Can I return my candle?
Please see our Shipping and Return policies page.

What is the best time to burn my candle?
We recommend burning your candles two weeks after creation for peak performance, as well as within one year, as we do not use any preservatives.