holiday scents

Leilani is a Hawaiian word meaning heavenly flower. 

All of our scents feature notes as unique as our name! 

We have a number of signature holiday scents that can be paired with any luxury candle vessel for a candle that is truly made for you.

Bonsai + Ginger
This scent includes fresh ginger, notes of musky sandalwood that resembles a bonsai tree, and light notes of evergreen and citrus. 

Brown Sugar + Kadota Fig
This scent features warm, caramelized brown sugar, and savoury fig. 

Champagne + Sugar
This scent feature crisp, bubbly champagne, and sweet sugar.

Honeysuckle + Deep Woods
This scent features light sweet notes, and deep amber and musk

Mahogany + Teakwood
This scent features the robust scent of mahogany teakwood with light notes of jasmine and musk. 

Vanilla + Cream
This scent features a warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel and rich, comforting cream.

Cinnamon + Chai
This scent starts with savoury nutmeg and Indian Chai unfolding into a heart of true cinnamon stick, finishing with a rich creamy vanilla bas

Milk Tea + Boba
This light scent features notes of warm brown sugar, black tea, caramel and creamy milk.

Winter Candy Apple + Cinnamon
This scent is a mouthwatering blend of crisp apple, candied orange and rich cinnamon spice

Balsam + Cedar
This scent is reminiscent of Christmas tree farm in the middle of a cold winter morning with fresh sap coming out of the bark, with low notes of warm cedar.